Audio out of sync with video

Jun 04, 2013


We're experiencing issues with audio playing out of sync during video playback.

This happens with published courses, that have been produced with all the media locally stored, then published for web and put on a web server (articulate tempshare, and our companys server).

The issue does not seem to occur on every platform/OS/web browser.

So far it seems to be in sync

·         On laptop, win 7 64 bit, google chrome, ethernet cable

·         On laptop, win 7 64 bit, internet explorer, ethernet cable

·         On laptop, win 7 64 bit, internet explorer, wifi

·         On mobile (iphone 4s) articulate player app

But it is out of sync

·         On laptop, win 7 64 bit, google chrome, wifi

Have not had time to troubleshoot further.

Could anyone help me with this? Could not find anything on the forum. I will add an example that behaves like this, it is just a video of a co-worker clapping.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Eilert!

I uploaded the course for testing:

Testing for Eilert

Viewing the project on a Windows 8 machine.

Tested in:

Google Chrome Version 27.0.1453.94 m - No issues

Firefox 20.1 - No issues

Internet Explorer 10.0.9200.16580 - No issues

Safari 5.1.7 (7534.57.2) - No issues

For the machine/browser that's out of sync, what version of Flash are you running with Chrome?

I'm currently using version 11.7.700.203.


Eilert Torsnes

Hello Christine, we meet again

Thanks for taking the time to test the course!

Did you test while on a wireless network? With the ethernet cable plugged in it runs fine for me as well, but when running on wifi in chrome it instantly goes out of sync...

I am running the same version of flash, but I discovered I am on a 32 bit Windows 7. Shouldnt matter though...

Sorry for the late reply:)


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Eilert,

Quite honestly I cannot remember the last time I used LAN or Ethernet :) So, yes, I'm on wireless with everything I run nowadays. 

Wonder if maybe there's something causing lag for that particular laptop? Can you try viewing some other online videos and see if there's any type of delay or audio issues? 


Mel Ruth

Hi Eilert,

Did you ever have any luck with getting this issue resolved?  I am having the same problem but have not been able to isolate it nearly as closely as you have.  It's consistent but not enough for me to be able to record a video of what it's doing.  I see it when previewing locally within the program, though, as well as after publishing and posting on a server.  We have discovered that refreshing the player resolves the issue for that play-through but it reoccurs again later - have you found the same thing?

I would appreciate an update, if you don't mind!

Thank you,


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