Audio Overlap on Slide

Mar 10, 2014

HI...I am having some inconvenience with audio layering on top of each other. I will attached a specific example.

Here is my set up:

I have intro audio on a base layer. I would like to have the audio interact with the seek bar to allow users to toggle if they choose to.

Once the audio completes, a trigger buttons appear and users click each box to learn more. I DO NOT have the "more info" on layers because there is no way to have a more elegant exit back to the base layer.

Once user clicks the learn more button, the state of an object changes and audio plays.

ISSUE: Now, if the user toggles the seek bar, the original intro audio plays over the triggered audio. This is a subtle, but critical issue for usability for us.

My work around has been to set the intro audio with a play-when-timeline-starts-trigger, but then I lose seek bar functionality.

In some instances, I have moved the "more info" to a layer, and changed layer settings to prevent user from clicking on base layer, which prevents the audio overlap.

I have attached a file with my issue. One slide has the workaround, while the other overlaps when you toggle audio. Any help would be much appreciated.



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

I agree, it would make a good feature request. In the intermim, you can get a close-to similar effect with semi-transparent rectangles. Put this together quickly...clearly can be perfected.

Before you watch:

1st slide is on for 4 seconds. There's a semi-transparent rectangle that Fades in Slow at 3 seconds.  The slide is set to auto move forward

2nd slide has a Fade Smoothly transition and a semi-transparent rectangle that Fades out Slow at 0 seconds.

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