Audio playback issue in Chrome, IE, Firefox

Jul 23, 2018


I am using the recently updated version of Articulate Storyline 3. Due to the changes in audio playback settings in browser, my first slide has a trigger button. Even after using that and publishing with the latest version, the audio is not playing automatically or with triggers in my subsequent slides.  Can someone tell a way out? Some of my triggers/actions are based on audio media completion so the whole interactive gets stuck when the audio does not play. It is really frustrating.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Raheel.  Thanks for telling us what's happening.  Good first step to make sure you're on the latest version.  We released an update to comply with autoplay policies in browsers.

Are you hosting your course in an LMS or on a website?  We have an issue on the radar where Google Chrome is not playing audio on the first slide of projects when you view the output locally (before hosting online).

I'd be happy to test out your file if you can share it here!

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