audio plays in preview but not Articulate On-Line

Feb 11, 2013


I have an issue on a few slides where the audio is there and I can hear it in preview, but when I publish to Articulate on-line, I can't hear it.  The slide advances as if the audio is playing but no sound.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jerine,

Thanks for reaching out. I'm assuming you're running into an issue with your audio since you're posting on this thread.

We've had quite a few scenarios shared in this conversation, and it looks like they're resolved:

  • Kathleen - able to get going with a reboot
  • Natasha - filed a case and the issue was actually on the replay of the audio and setting the slide properties to 'Reset to Initial State' is what she was looking for
  • Melissa did reach out in a support case as well but resolved on her own by outputting the recording again.

Could you share with us a bit more about the issue you're running into, and we'd be glad to help you troubleshoot?

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