Audio plays only once in Firefox and Edge (works in Chrome)

Mar 28, 2018

I have audio triggered on and off by a user click on several slides -- works fine in Chrome (PC) but on Firefox and Edge, it plays just once (whichever file I play first plays, then the others won't.)

This is for courses published as HTML5 / Flash backup to web.

Is this a known bug in this latest version of SL3?


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Philipp Schlechter

Hi Pam,

i published your course and it works fine in Edge and Firefox.

1. Try to upload your file to scorm cloud, this is a great way to test your file in another environment.


2. Use the HTML5 only output and try again.

Generally i suggest to put the audio on a different layer and do not copy the audio. See attached file.



Pam McNall

Thank you so much for your help Philipp. Question! I publish to web (not LMS), with the HTML5/Flash backup option. Are you suggesting that the HTML5 (only) publishing may be a more stable option?  (and confirming, yes: I did load fresh audio from local drive, not external.)

I'm glad to hear you had no issues, but it is very curious that several end users (myself included) are still experiencing varying results on this particular course. Browser/memory issues maybe?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Pam!

You really shouldn't see much of a difference between publishing for Web with HTML5 Only or HTML5/Flash. The only difference would be the ability for the learner to view Flash or not.

I tested your file in Edge and Firefox, and I didn't see any issues with the audio files replaying in my testing. You can view a screen recording of that testing right here

Could you also test this link in Edge and Firefox, and let me know if you're still having trouble with the audio? I'll be standing by!

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