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Jul 25, 2016

I have not designed in Articulate in a while and never with Storyline yet. I have a new short project that I'm trying to determine if it would be better for us to use Articulate, Storyline, or Captivate (looking into cost and usability). Captivate has a text-to-speech feature that while not perfect, would eliminate the need for a narrator. I've downloaded the new trail versions of Articulate and Storyline and I can't see an indication with either that there is a text-to-speech feature, but then again I only currently have the trial versions. So, I was hoping that someone could tell me if:

  • Do the trial versions of Articulate 13/Storyline 2 have a text-to-speech feature? (Maybe I'm just not looking in the correct place for the trial versions; I'd like to test if this is truly an available feature.)
  • If such a feature is available with both full-licensed versions of Articulate 13 and Storyline 2, where would this feature be located for Articulate 13? For Storyline 2?
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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sheila!

There is not a text to speech functionality within Articulate products.

The 30 day trial versions of the products are full product versions without a license.

Perhaps others in the community will be able to chime in with what they have utilized in the past.

You can check out a previous forum thread here on a similar topic.

Sheila B

Thanks Leslie!  I knew Articulate 09 didn't have it when I was using that, but I was hoping that might've been an advancement with the 13 (or Storyline). I have Captivate so I can use that TTS option and export to use in Articulate, but if possible wanted all members of the team to have access to TTS software. Btw, thanks for the link to the older thread - there's at least one TTS option that I'll have to look into for this upcoming project.

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