Audio Recording - Pop Sound between slides

Greetings, I am new to Storyline and am having an issue with audio.  I have recorded my audio directly into slides in Storyline.  There is a popping sound that occurs when the slide transition.  This does not happen on all slides only some...not sure what may be causing this.  When I list to the audio in the Audio Editor, I do not hear the popping sound only when I preview or publish.  Any thoughts on what might be causing the issue?

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chris,

Is the audio being cut off or otherwise not completing before the slide changes? Since it's not on all slides, I'd want to know what was different between the slides or the audio that might help narrow down the issue. Also, if you'd like to share the .story file with us, or even a few slides as examples that may help us narrow it down. 

Chris Miocic

Hi Ashley, would be happy to share the file with you, just let me know where I should sent it to.  I remember having a similiar issue with Presenter, thought it was related to inserting silence or cutting the audio at the beginning - but can't remember what I did to resolve it.

Thanks, Chris