Audio Stop and Start Issue

I am new to Storyline, but have developed a learning unit that compares equine and human behavior. As part of this program, I've created a "sound board" that includes several audio clips from an equine therapist. Here's the issue I need to fix: If a user decides to move to a new audio clip before the one he/she is listening to is over, the first clip doesn't stop playing when the new clips starts. Is there a way to make this happen? Below is a Dropbox link to the sound board screen. Any help you can provide will be much appreciated! All my best ~ Nancy


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David Schwartz


I can't see your file (our IT blocks Dropbox here, sadly), but your best bet in my view would be to put each clip on its own layer. Add a trigger to each layer to play the clip when the timeline starts. Be sure to set the layer properties to hide other slide layers, but not to hide objects on the base layer, and set Revisits to reset to initial state.

Your buttons on the base layer would simply show the specific layers for each sound. Because each layer when called will hide the other layers, this will cause whatever media is playing in a layer to stop.

 (I see Christie has linked to a post with the same idea. I'll send this anyway with an example.)