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Apr 14, 2013

Hi all,

I need to be able to add audio and video to my courses within Storyline. This should work on all browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) as well as all platforms, including iPhone / iPad / Android devices. I am unsure of how to go about this and what is actually supported, what problems to expect etc. The courses will be launched from an LMS (Moodle).

So, do I for example just insert the audio / video in the standard manner? Or as a web object? Or do I need to create / use some code snippets and a 3rd party player such as video.js? 

I don't want to embed as Youtube etc as I want the videos to reside on my webserver.

How about file format compatibility, mp4, ogv etc? AFAIK I will need the video stored on the server in at least 2 formats to cover all platforms.

If anyone has a simple series of steps to get this to work, or some examples, it would be much appreciated.



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Matt Hobbs

Alexandros Anoyatis said:

Hi Matt,

If you are looking to use external sources have a look at this.

Otherwise, you can always use the stock Storyline video player, in which case your videos will be embedded to the SL output (no need for multiple format conversions).

Hope this helps,

Thanks, I saw that thread today and it looks useful but I was unsure from the posts whether you had it 100% working? Re: your comments on Chrome / IE. Is it a bulletproof solution that works on all platforms / browsers?

If I use the stock Storyline video player, will that work on all platforms / browsers automatically? I don't need full screen video FYI.

I'm not familiar yet with all the technical gotchas and considerations with web development, what works on what etc, hence the questions.

Alexandros Anoyatis

In the earlier comments of that post, I was referring to videoJS. The latest comment though, contained a story file with actual videos (not including a videoJS solution).
However, if you are happy with the quality of your videos using the stock player, you might be better off going with that. It'll save you the hassle of converting your video to MP4 on your own. The only other downside of the stock player (IMHO) is that it's not skinable (although you can "dress it up" with a bit of patience).

Michelle Kempenich

We've encountered a problem where some users have older versions of IE and are unable to hear sound in the storyline file (we've compiled the SCORM file in v. 1.2 and imported into our Totara LMS system). It seems to be browser specific, as it still works in Chrome. These users cannot upgrade their version of IE due to other software compatibility issues. Is there a way to make SCORM files backward compatible for earlier versions of browsers? So far this has affected only a handful of users, but we can't guarantee that all of them will have access to another browser. Your help is appreciated! (We're using the earlier version of Storyline - not version 2).

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