Audio Wave seems 'compressed'

Jun 15, 2020

When recording audio the wave image seems much tighter or compressed from how it usually appears and the resulting volume is lower. I can turn it up and by doing it 100% the sound is okay, but why might this be happening? I don't know of any difference in the recording equipment. I am attaching a slide for you to check out.


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Don,

Thank you for reaching out! 

After reviewing your file, it looks like those audio files are being compressed. By default, Storyline compresses audio in your published output so courses download faster for learners. You can remove the compression from those files by navigating to the Audio Tools and changing the compression settings

📝 Note: I do want to mention that only MP3 files can be uncompressed in Storyline at this time. If you’d prefer not to compress audio in your course, you'll want to convert your audio file to MP3, then import it back into your project.

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