Start of audio files not being picked up

May 10, 2023

Running into a new issue today...when I add an audio file to a slide, the audio doesn't start playing until a second or two past where the actual audio begins. In the audio editor (in Storyline) I can actually watch as the playhead goes over the start of my audio wave, but doesn't start playing until it is a second or two past where the audio "wave" starts. This results in the start of each sentence being cut off. Doesn't seem to matter how much silence is in front of it either...after inserting additional silence to the audio file, it still skips over that first second of actual audible audio. Any help appreciated... I have tried multiple file types as well as recording within Storyline, all with the same result...

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Eric Santos

Hi Patrick,

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes Community! 🎉

I'm sorry to hear you've hit this snag! Adam's case turned out to be a hardware issue; using a different headset resolved it.

Based on your description, this may not be the case for you. After confirming that you're working on your local drive, you can try these steps to rule out an installation problem:

If the issue persists, we'd be happy to look at your Storyline file to see if there's anything with the setup that may be causing the audio to cut off. Do you mind attaching your project file to this discussion or privately in a support case? We'll delete it when we're done!