Audio Waveform Issues in Storyline

Mar 13, 2013

I faced a very weird issue yesterday with Storyline.  I recorded audio on my slide and slide layers.  I did the recording in storyline itself (earlier I used to record audio in external software and I used to import the audio files).  But this time I thought of using recorder feature of SL itself. 

So now when I went to my next step of synchronizing the objects on the timeline, I noticed two weird things:

  1. In the timeline view, the last few seconds of audio was truncated.  When I checked in the audio editor view, the entire audio file was present.
  2. In the timeline view, the waveform shows as FLAT when actually there is audio playing. 

Such rendering of audio waveform in the timeline view is getting in the way of synchronizing the objects on the slide with the audio. 

I have already contacted Articulate Support regarding this matter and have submitted my file to them. They have been able to reproduce the error but have not been able to figure out why this is happening or how it could be avoided.  They have suggested that I find a workaround since the may or may not be able to solve this issue right away.

While I understand that this may be a complicated one to take care of, I thought of posting this here so that I can get a sense of whether any of you have also experienced similar behavior.

In the meanwhile, I will do work on my file all over again - strip the file of all audio after exporting the wave forms and then reinsert them and see if this can be solved. Will post my update then.



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Peter Anderson

Hi Payal

Really sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. In the past, other customers have noticed that if you save and re-open whenever an audio file becomes truncated, then the file appears and sounds normal again upon re-opening. 

We realize you shouldn't have to take the extra steps, but I hope that helps in the meantime while we explore this issue. 


Payal Tandon

Thanks Peter for pointing me to the right direction.  I tried to search for this post but could not.  Is there a way to search in just Storyline forum.  Basically when I put my search query, the results got me several posts from presenter.  Those are not applicable to me so after searching a bit I decided to post a new post.  So if you could tell me how I can do search in a specific forum, it would help and avoid such duplicacy of posts

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