Audio with screen recording and closing issues

Aug 28, 2017


could anyone help me with the following case?

We are working with Articulate Storyline 2.

When doing a screen recording, the microphone/recording does not work.
Articulate does not pick up any microphone activity at all.

Microphone works fine when tested in "recording devices". Windows picks up sound and recording outside of Articulate. Default microphone and other microphone settings are set correctly and have been tested.

When sound preferences/playback devices dialogue is open, Articulate picks up microphone activity, but once you close the sound preferences, it stops picking up sound.

Also, after doing a screen recording, Articulate will not allow you to close any window and you must force quit the app to close it, or right click on the task car and close that way. 'x' does not work. 

All computers are windows 10. All updates, and Drivers etc have been updated.  

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