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Oct 29, 2014

This isn't a Storyline question, per se, but I am really hopeful someone here can help me.

I have been provided quite a number of courses that were originally developed in Authorware and I am now being asked to rebuild them in Articulate Storyline.  The files provided to me are in Authorware's .a7r format, and unfortunately are the only files available which contain the content to be re-developed.  I have searched the web for the player and have tried to install several different web players, all to no avail.  Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can view these ancient files?  I am running Windows 7 and have the most current version of IE, Chrome and FireFox.

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Steve Gannon

Adobe used to have a free trial you can download from this site:

...but it appears they have removed that link (not surprising since the last version shipped over 10 years ago). Bobbi, what you need is the Authorware runtime (runa7232.exe) or other Authorware-generated EXE plus some associated files and an Xtras folder. Do you have any other files besides the .a7r files?

Bobbi Bailey

Stephanie, I actually found that forum site yesterday and the downloaded the web player linked there.  Unfortunately, it just doesn't seem to work for me.

Steve, The only files they have given me are .a7l, .a7p, and .a7r.  It is my understanding that the L is a library file, the P is the production file, and the R is the published file (without runtime).

Steve Gannon

Yeah, the web player won't work with .a7r files. The .a7p and .a7l files are indeed the source files. Bobbi, If you would like to contact me offline, I'll be happy to compile your files into an executable format so you can view the content: steve at gantek multimedia dot com (just put all that together without spaces and replace "at" with '@' and "dot" with '.').

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