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Susan Stewart


I checked the timeline duration of my feedback layer...it is the same length as other quiz slides in the module.  Same with the Feedback master.  

I pulled the slide out of the full file to show you...and it works correctly in that format.  I've attached anyway in case you see something amiss...

(scratches head)


Hi Susan - This is an odd one. The only thing in your file that caught my eye was the naming of your incorrect feedback layer. Generally, it's a good idea not to rename the default names of feedback layers when you're using the built-in quizzing features. Can you try renaming "Think Back" to "Incorrect" to see if that makes any difference? Seems odd that it would but it's all I have for you.

If you'd like to email me the full scene from your project so I can see the issue, I might be able to find something. Otherwise, I'd recommend you open a case with Articulate support (http://articulatecase.com/) and let them tackle it. 

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