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Aug 23, 2018

Good day... Been playing with the text-to-speech function in SL...

Was wondering if there was any way of slowing down the cadence of the voices;  presently, they tend to fly along. Though the quality of the voices is v.g., the speed makes it sound a bit unhuman-like. Also the jumps from the end of one sentence to the next need to be longer.

Right now, I'm assuming that I'd have to edit the audio via SL's audio editor or a third-party editor...

Thanks for any advice!



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Tom Jerry

Hi Michael, 

Thank you for sharing your point across. 

Having the ability to regulate the speed or rhythmic sequence as a feature would be a tremendous part of the product. 

Due to insistent demand, our product development team is underway in reviewing the requested feature enhancement and hopefully it could be rolled out soon on the next version releases. 

In lieu of this feature, if you want to insert brief pauses use punctuation, such as commas and semicolons within the text. For longer pauses, convert your text to speech, then open the clip in the built-in audio editor and insert silence where it's needed.

Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us! We always appreciate feedback and suggestions.

Katie Riggio

Hello, Meghan!

There isn't such a feature now, but we're actively tracking feedback for more editing options with the text-to-speech tool. I'll share your post with my team so we can keep you updated!

For now, you can insert brief pauses by using punctuation such as commas and semicolons. For longer pauses, convert the text-to-speech and then open the clip in the built-in audio editor to insert silence where necessary.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Anne Beauregard


I see this issue has been around for quite some time without resolution.  While there are work arounds for the pauses, that does not solve the cadence issue.  While some learners may be able to process quickly, others cannot.  It would be very helpful to be allow the learner to adjust the speed on the audio.