Automatic number issues

I'm having issues with automatic numbering. I've built a course that shows X of Y slides on each page using the automatic numbering feature. But when you click on the last slide of each section it flashes up 3 of 3 just before it goes back to the menu scene (where there are 3 of 3 slides).

Is this a Storyline error? I'm not sure what is causing it other than I'm using them same page layout for each page but not sure why it would pick up the page numbers from the menu scene before you actually move to it.

There's an example here:  (I've stripped out all the content and added a jump to the last slide of each scene so you don't have to click through every page to see it)


Any ideas?

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Chris Dale

Hi Nicola,

I think it has something to do with that the page numbers are on the master slide, so when you click your next arrow and the transition moves the slide it shows the master slide too early, this may be a bug. I think one way to resolve it would be to take the page numbers off the master and just have them on you slides.

Hope that helps.

Nicola Redfearn


Thanks for your comment Chris. I've tried removing page numbers completely from the menu pages template and just using a blank template and still have the issue.

I agree it is a bug. I've now submitted a case to Articulate Support.
I didn't notice it doing this when I built the module originally in August. Has there been an update recently that might have affected this?

The only way I think I can fix it is to go through and put static numbers on the last slide of each page, which is a pain, because the module is translated into 18 languages, so I have to fix the last page of each section and republish and test 18 times over :(