Automatic Numbering in wrong order

Aug 10, 2018

Hello, I have a problem with the automatic numbering of the slides in storyline.

The slides are in the correct order when you turn the player menu on, but the numbering is not correct, so the 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.

If you reset the menu, then he arranges the slides in the correct order according to the numbers, but then the slides are not in the correct order as they come.

In the story overview you can also see in the tree structure that it is sometimes numbered like this:
1.1, 1.2, 1.22, 1.15, so also the decimal exchanged.

I hope you could help me.

Until then, thank you in advance.

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Hans. Really sorry you've hit this roadblock after adding automatic slide numbering–I'd love to help you get to the bottom of this!

To start, could you try clicking on Reset from story below the menu once more?

 SCORM 2004

Resetting the menu should help the scene/slide titles revert back to the way they appear in your project. 🤞

If the reset doesn't help, could you share your .story file here or privately through this link so I can take a closer look? Also, what version of Storyline are you using?

Mark Lentz

Just wanted to post a solution for others who run into this -- in the screenshot below, I also have complex pathing. In the attached screenshot, the two rightmost paths of my Scene 4, the order is as desired, but slide numbering has gotten scrambled as 4.15, 4.13, 4.14, and 4.16.  What fixed the numbering was to paste the four affected slides into a temporary new scene, and then paste them back into Scene 4, one by one, selecting 4.12 first as the one they were to go "after", in the order I wanted them to be numbered (second screenshot attached).  And then relinking them along the proper paths.

Susan Jorstad

I am having the same problem. I have a main menu and branching from that to several different pathways. However, the numbering is not sequential. Therefore, when I print out the file to Word to make a transcript from the notes (for accessibility requirements), it's scrambled up. It puts the quiz 2/3 of the way through the content rather than at the end because the quiz slides are numbered 1.79-1.87 and there is learning content up to slide 1.97.  See attachment.

I probably should have broken this up into scenes but I made it when I was less experienced and now I have this mess that I'm not sure how to fix.