Automatically change state of an object to 'Visited' when a slide has been opened/completed via a different route

Hi everyone, 

Is there a way I can change the state of the menu object to 'visited' whenever users complete each slide? 

I know that you can set an object to change to 'visted' when you click on it. This time, I want it to happen automatically.  

Thank you in advance. :-)

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Jerry Beaucaire

Automatic isn't really a thing, if I understand your question.   It's all triggers and controls.  As content authors we are both blessed and cursed by this level of control, hehe.

For extensive control of menu elements reflected by actions being taken by a user all through the course, I have to create a trigger for each menu to keep track of it's state needed.  This way I can set that flag for that one element to "true" (meaning the content is complete anywhere in the course) and anytime the menu is drawn onscreen, all the items in the menu are set to Normal/Visited based on the current state of all those controlling flags.

It's a lot to set up, but once you get going it's a lot of cut/paste duplication.  Doable.