automating quiz generation

We are in the process of migrating to a new LMS system. Our previous LMS did not use SCORM, the new one does. We have a separate system used for testing which contains hundreds of tests (the testing system was internally developed). As part of the migration, we would like to package each test as a SCORM course. We are looking to standardize on Storyline for course authoring so converting the existing tests to Storyline 2 and then publishing as SCORM is desirable to aide in future maintenance of the tests.

I've explored exporting the tests from our custom system to a spreadsheet and importing into a Storyline 2 course using a standard template. This is problematic as most of the tests have multiple sections (which in Storyline would be multiple test banks and possibly multiple scenes). Also most test banks only display a random subset of questions but this can't be specified in the spreadsheet template. All of the functionality of our current testing system can be recreated in Storyline but the process can only be automated to a point - there will still be a lot of manual tweaking required after each import.

Has anyone gone down this road already? Are there any utilities that might help? Is there a published file format for say Quizmaker that I could write the tests out in and then import which would include additional properties? I realize this may not be a solvable problem but I would like to automate this as much as possible.

Thanks, Brian

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Brian Molyneaux

We did not use the spreadsheet import. We developed a small set of webpages and javascript and then packaged the pages in Rustici Software's SCORM Driver resulting in a SCORM course. The tests were exported from our Testing App's database as xml and the javascript in the web pages was designed to read that xml. This allowed us to provide the full functionality of our old testing application in the course with a fully automated process (but manually verified). We just added a link to the storyline courses to launch the new SCORM course to get completion credit. That's a high level summary, there was more involved but overall this works well. but it is a solution specific to our unique environment, although the concept would work elsewhere.