Autoplay from Thumb/Jump Drive?

Oct 21, 2015

Hi, all!

Since most of our users' laptops no longer have CD/DVD drives built-in, I am looking to publish my course to a thumb/jump drive that autoplays my course when plugged into their USB port. Am I right in assuming:

1.) That this is possible?

2.) That I would follow the same procedure as if I were publishing to a CD/DVD?

Appreciate your thoughts on this!

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Amanda Reasor

Thanks, Ashley! Good to know. :o)

I also published the same file to a CD but can't get it to auto-launch from there either. I've loaded it into several different computers, but the results have all been the same - it wouldn't play automatically. I've reviewed this thread and this one, changed all the settings / followed the steps that were recommended (including adjusting the AutoPlay settings in my Control Panel to be "Play DVD/audio CD using Windows Media Player"), and re-published several times, but still no luck.  

Is there anything else I should try or be changing to get the CD to autoplay? Or this just something that the all learners will have to double-click the Launch_Story.exe file to view the content?


Amanda Reasor

Thanks to you both for responding so quickly!

Yes, the autorun  file is definitely in the route folder. (When I burned the CD, I copied and pasted the CONTENTS of the Output folder, rather than the folder itself, so the autorun would be at the base level.) - see screenshot Output File.  

I have also included a second screenshot of my current settings - AutoPlay Settings. Did I miss one that still needs to be changed so that CDs/DVDs will autoplay?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amanda,

It all looks set up correctly - have you tried running the CD in different computers just to see if the particular system is having challenges? Did you already review the other troubleshooting steps here? A bit similar to what's mentioned in the threads - but worth reviewing the linked Microsoft articles there. 

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