Autopopulating a Visited marker state with formatting

Hi y'all from Texas!

In a course I'm working on, we have markers on several slides.  The user has to click through all of the markers before being allowed to continue.

I need to default a 'visited' state so that when I create a marker, the Normal State populates as well as the Visited state, in the color scheme that we've selected.  

Right now, I'm editing each marker to add a visited state and change the colors to match our scheme.  It's painful.  I have a lot of markers on most of the screens.  I was hoping somehow to set my Normal and Visited markers up one time and not have to add them each time.  

Thank you!


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Nicole Legault

Hi Trace!

Have you ever used the Format Painter? It also works for applying states to objects. So you can select an object that has the proper formatting and then one click apply the formatting and all the associated layers to other objects. I think this may be a solution that can save you time. This will prevent you from having to manually created a Visited state for each new marker that you add.

Here's a tutorial  with further information:

Storyline Format and Animation Painter (it says it's for Storyline 2, but works the same in Storyline 3 or 360)

Also here's a video tutorial from a helpful community member Matt Guyan that explains how to use the format painter. 

Hope these help resolve your issue! :)