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Jul 15, 2014

Hi there,

I've published a Storyline course in an LMS SCORM 2004 (3rd edition) and the BACK button seems to have a mind of its own. On a few specific slides the BACK button will take you all the way back to the 4th slide. But on other slides it functions correctly - taking you back to the previous slide you were just viewing.

I'm new to Storyline and thanks to yall's support, I've learned how to use this product without any formal training.

Any clue as to why the BACK button wont consistently work?



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Julia Koller

Hi Urmila,

Depending on who you ask, the Back button is working correctly. The Back button returns the user to the Previously viewed slide... not the previous slide in a series... if that makes sense. It functions similarly to the "Back" button in a browser. From a UX perspective, sometimes this is beneficial and sometimes it is not. In linear courses, my team gets a lot of negative feedback on the feature. In non-linear courses it is a heaven send.

This seems to be the main forum thread on the issue, with more information:

My team's solution has been to let our students know, in an introductory page, how they can expect the "Back" button to work. I don't think it is ideal, but it is more efficient than hard-coding navigation for every slide.

Urmila Murthy

Thank you Julia!

You're right. I tested out the modules and although my training is linear, the menu on the left allows the user to click ahead to jump to the topic of their interest. And on clicking back, they're taken back to the slide they were just viewing...NOT the previous slide.

Lesson learned I'll just build my own nav buttons the next time.

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