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May 16, 2013


I built a test bank in a course and i would like to give the user the ability to go back and forth between the questions before submitting each question.  Today, they only see the Submit button on each question.  Do i have to add the prev/next within each question? Or is there a global way to enter.

Also I created a final exam pulling questions from all the individual test banks, but i don't want the user to see the remediation when going through the final. Is there a way to turn off the remediation for an individual Scene? If not would it be best to make a copy of the individual test banks and then turn off the remediation there within each question?  I'm trying to find a best practice and have an easier way to do this.



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Adam Larson


For the first part, i had a feeling it was that easy.  Thank you for pointing that out.

As far as the 'remediation', yes, its telling the user that they are correct/not correct. I meant while they are taking the test i want to turn off the correct/incorrect.  Right now I have a test for chapters 1-11 set up each in its own scene.  Then in the 12th scene, i made a final exam where i added each of the test banks (1-11) to make a cumulative test.  In each of the scenes, its tells the user right then and there if they answered the question right.  I want to turn that off for the cumulative exam. so at the end they can see their score and then go back and review. i have a theory that i can copy each (1-11) and then turn off remediation question by question, but i was hoping there was an easier way.  I hope that makes more sense.


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