Background color of CC button when CC is turned on

Does anyone know which setting in the player controls the background color of the CC button? The button backgrounds for normal, hover, and down are set to varying shades of gray with the icon color green. When CC is turned on, the button background changes to the same color green as the icon so that you cannot see it. I also played with the settings in the Editor and nothing seems to make a difference. The only workaround I have is to lighten up the icon color of all of the buttons so that you can see the CC icon when CC is turned on. There must be a setting for this. Can someone help me with this?

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Tom Kuhlmann

You're limited to customization you can make on the player. In advanced color options, the buttons use two colors to create a gradient. The top color of "button normal background" is the color that is used for the active state.

You kind of have to work with that constraint and color the icons/player accordingly.

If you deselect the captions from the player, you can add a caption button to the slide and that will give you more control with a toggle trigger and selected state.