Background on player or completely removing it

Mar 07, 2014

Dear Articulate Storyline forum-visitors,

Despite the fact that my video is entirely player-less, I still have a white border around it. This is a rather large nuisance because it doesn't go very well with the dark background of my website. I came up with a solution but didn't work. My solution was to use a dark player colour, but it still had a tiny white border and the edges of the player were rounded off. I had to come up with a new solution, and that is to have a background image as the player, but I have no idea how to do so. Could anyone help me with either getting the image as the player or just removing the border entirely?

Kind regards,
Hans Dulpers

PS. Enclosed within this postis a screenshot of what the nuisance exactly is.

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Hans Dulpers

Hey there, Alex

It looks promising! Do you know which file the div tag is located in? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks!

EDIT: Whoops! Found it!

EDIT: Still can't find the line as it shows in your screenshot. When I hit CTRL+F and type "divSwf" it shows 7 results, but none of them start with <div id="divSwf"

Your lead seems promising, though!

Alexandros Anoyatis

I just selected the flash container with firebug (you may have to right click on the container before you hover to the firebug console otherwise it will disappear) and the divtag is located a couple of elements above it.

You could also try searching for a more unique string (such as "clsid:d27cdb...." and so on) to locate the div.

Alexandros Anoyatis

They don't permanently change of course, otherwise we'd all be security engineers because of all the easy hacking. :P

I just noted a (hopefully decent) starting point so you can check if it was possible to alter the actual output files.

And since I only added a couple of css style elements to that div (firebug does not and cannot modify the actual swf) I believe it is possible to do what you want.

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