Backslash in "Fill in the blank"


in the tutorial "Adding Data Entry Fields" it is mentioned ...

In a text entry field, learners can enter any alphanumeric characters.  A numeric entry field accepts only numbers, decimals, and hyphens preceding negative numbers.

Is this the official definition of this kind of field?

In my first project I am faced with the task to motivate people to use regular expressions.

It seems, that I cannot use "fill in the blank" because it is not possible to enter backslashes or any other special characters. Do I miss something or do I have to work around by avoiding direct input by using multiple choice, ordering, drag&drop and so on?

Thanks in advance


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Tanja  Holzem

Thanks Phil for having a try!!

Good to know that it was'nt my inexperience, but I would have prefered to be wrong.

For the moment I will work around by using drag@drop, but I hope for an enhancement.

I understand that TextEntry might be limited on purpose, but another objecttype should fill this gap.