Bad followed into an LMS if we look at a training in several steps


When I look a training with a follow-up is made from a of results page, and I look it over several sessions, I have a problem. If I'm do it in three sessions and more, my final result is wrong.

Many of you will say to me that my problem is related to my LMS, but the same problem occurs when I installed my training on SCORM cloud. Someone has an idea of the problem?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Stéphanie!

Thanks for letting me know that you're still seeing this issue in SCORM Cloud; that's the first thing I would have suggested. :)

Can you tell me more about how you are reviewing the course? Do you close the course completely and restart from the beginning, or do you review the course without closing it?

It might be helpful if I could take a look at your file. If you don't mind sharing it with me, you can attach it to this discussion using the Add Attachment button.