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Simon Perkins

Nice and slick, thanks for sharing Michael.  I know many of us grumble about the lack of animation effects in SL but this is an example of how simple it can be to think outside the box, i.e mask the bar animations as they enter the slide, to create something a bit different.  Just takes a bit of trial and error.


Simon Perkins

Michael Fimian said:

Hi Nick and Simon,

 Thanks for the suggestion Simon;  Here's a line chart;  same chart, just no bars...


I didn't make a suggestion Michael  I was commenting on the value of thinking outside the box to create little visual tricks, i.e the way you masked the bars on entry (behind what I call the footer as it's at the bottom of the slide).  

BTW, I like your second version as well!

Carmelo Moschella

Hi Ashley,
I have tested the line chart and it works now, thank you.

The Bar Chart link [image: Inline image 1]does not work!! Which is what I
was after. Attached please find the output error every time I click on
Inline image 2]
Look forward to your solution.