Percentage over bar chart in Storyline 360

Hello all,

I need some help on the interactive bar chart here. The task is to create bar chart based on the results of the assessment. I have created the bar chart using slider (refer the image below - Picture1.png). Now, as you can see, I have displayed the percentage for each category above the chart. Is it possible to display the percentage just above each bar? (as shown in the image to_be_done.png)



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Preethi

I'm not sure how that will work as you are not going to know under the slider is released where it is going to stop.  I added a text box over the top of the slider on the left with the variable in it.  Move it and see what you think - although I know it's not what really what you are after.

Perhaps someone else can help you.


Preethi Ravisankar

Hi Wendy,

Sorry for the late reply. I have found the solution to the issue. I am attaching a sample, where the values are hardcoded(set before). But this must work well if we assign it to a variable as well.

Thanks to Nejc ┼Żorga Dulmin!