Scenario based learning Rating scale

Feb 03, 2014

Hi all

I have a question as to how I would accomplish the milestones of my probject.

I am trying to create a scenario based eLearning module with different branches, Each page will present a problem with multiple answers the learner is expected to select. If the learner chooses good answers I want a rating scale in the form of a bar chart to stay stationary, if the learner chooses bad answers the bar chart or "risk rating" increases.

I have seen the idea in other modules and I assume its uses variables, i could do with some guidance and directions on how to achieve this please.

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Alex O'Byrne

It would, someone might have a more eloquent solution, but no reason why it shouldn't work. With regards to navigation, I'd stick a back button in and I'd manually insert it, so that it branches back to the slide you want it to not the last viewed slide (Storyline's default) however this will change the score (i.e.) so if that's what you want you would then need variables, or let the user change their score! (Which I can't imagine you want?)

Alex O'Byrne

To preserve score but allow them to move back and forward (whilst keeping the up to date score on each slide) I would:

- Set a true/false (default to false) variable for each slide that changes when they select the option, (i.e. - trigger change variable to "true" when user clicks button 1 and do this for all buttons of the scenario)

- set a timeline start trigger to change state of scenario buttons to disabled if above mentioned variable = true

- then have a bar chart with as many states as you have points i.e. 30 scenarios = 30 states with incremental changes along each state

- Create a number variable that just counts

- Trigger each correct response to +1 to counter variable

- Then have a trigger that adjusts the state of the graph depending on the number of the variable. 

That should preserve the score allow them to navigate and stop them from fiddling results.

Very poor example here

Is that what you were looking for?

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