Base Layer audio can stop , but Sub Layer Audio does not stop on clicking Menu button

Hi ,


The base/main layer is playing and clicking on the menu button, audio get stop.
We have three TABs which displays at the last frame of base layer, clicking on these Tabs, sub Layer get start animation with its corresponding audio. Here if user clicks on Menu button then audio does not stop.

Please suggest the solution for this type of problem.

Find the attachement.



+Anil Kumar 




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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Anil and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :) 

I appreciate you sharing your zipped published output so that I could upload it and take a look.

I see the behavior you are describing. My published output is here.

There is a great conversation here about layers and pausing the audio if you'd like to take a look on your own or we'd be happy to take a look at your .story file if you can attach it here.

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