Media Stops Playing When slide out menu is clicked on

Aug 22, 2017


I have a course with a slide that has two layers and plays audio when a marker is clicked on. In addition, I have a menu on the master slide sub-slide (Reason: mark the lesson complete).

However, when a marker is clicked on the slide layer audio plays, and while the audio is playing, if the learner clicks on the Slide out menu the audio stops. When the menu is closed, the audio does not resume and the learner has to click on rewind button to replay the audio. (I understand that a trigger should be used to pause/resume the audio) - but as mentioned, but the menu is on the sub-slide and does not appear as an object to add a trigger to the base layer or slide layer (I understand that logic).

Does anyone know of a work around to pause play the audio besides moving the menu to the slide base layer?

I have attached a sample .story (not exactly from my course, but the logic is there).




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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeannie!

Thanks for sharing your .story file and allowing me to take a look.

The menu button that you've added on the master slide is on a layer as well, so it's those layer properties that needed to be adjusted:

Removing the 'Hide other slide layers' check box seems to have done what you are looking for.

Your updated file is attached.

Jeannie Jurado

Hi Leslie,

I was able to replicate the behavior on my local drive. Once the markers were clicked on, and then I dragged the seek bar the layers appeared with the base layer info.

.story attached and screenshots.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Jeannie Jurado

Thank you for your quick response.

On the base layer, I have two markers that displays at a specific time on the timeline, but I do have two triggers to hide the layers when the timeline starts. In addition, I have two triggers on the base layer to show layer 1 & 2 when the markers are clicked on.

I saw the video you created and notice the text appeared from both layers when you clicked on the slider along with the base layer text.

Layer 1 - was to the right of the screen and layer 2 was to the left. - Please see my screenshots (I have also included the base layer triggers).

Thank you!

Leslie McKerchie

Your base slide has all of this content (I added the Base Slide message for reference):

It looks like you do have them adjusted on the timeline to appear at different times, but this is the content.

Each layer has some additional text on the layer, but the properties are set to continue to display and allow seeking on the base layer.

Layer 1:

Layer 2:

I did not see either layer appear when scrubbing the base slide prior to opening the layers nor did I see either layer open at the same time, so I do believe I'm still missing what you are sharing here.

I'm going to reach out to my team to take a look as well.

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