Base layer timeline paused without setting option

I have a a slide with layers.

  • I disabled the seekbar on the base and layers
  • I added a button to the layers that will hide the layer and go back to the base layer.
  • On each layer, I DID NOT check the option to pause the timeline of the base layer
  • When the base layer shows - it was paused - even though I did not check the pause option

Is this the expected behavior?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ejuana, 

It looks like Jonathon was able to help you, and shared the following: 

Once the objects on the base layer are hidden, they no longer appear in the timeline, meaning they are paused. The layer's timeline now takes precedence.

The "Pause timeline of base layer" option is useful if the base layer is not hidden. Because if the base layer is not hidden (meaning it's still showing up even if a layer is open), it will still play. Therefore you will need to pause it using this option.