base slide goes black and white and moves when i add a layer

Hi everyone,

I am trying to add a hover over glossary term to a slide.  I copy the word from the base slide, add a layer, paste word and add definition to the layer with a shape background and then try to position the word over the original word in the base slide.  When the user views the slide and hovers over the word the definition pops up (hope that makes sense!).  Lately when I switch to view the base slide under the layer the base slide goes to black and white and moves slightly (all the content on the slide moves) which makes it impossible to precisely position the text box on my layer.  I have to switch back and forth from preview and get it right by trial and error.  Any help appreciated:)


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Karen Williams

Hi Emily,

Thank you:)  I received another reply to untick the 'Dim' function in the Layer pane which seemed to solve the problem. 

I hadn't realised about working locally so that's a great tip, thank you, it may help with other random things that seem to happen sometimes, e.g. text resizing when it's copied and pasted.