Basic question about adding custom graphics to character's states

Aug 11, 2014

Hi. I still haven't downloaded Storyline yet because I'm trying to plan out my project in advance before using the 30-day trial.

I have some questions about adding custom graphics to a character's states. I just want to find out if what I'm trying to do is possible; otherwise I will need to rewrite my project.

Here is my situation:

For my project, I'm going to have the learner role-play as a superhero. For the superhero, I want to use one of Storyline's illustrated/vector characters but I want to add a cape and an emblem; I have designed the cape and emblem in a drawing program, not in Storyline. I will also be creating custom states for that character — all of which will contain the cape and the emblem.

My questions are:

Does Storyline allow adding a custom graphic to a character's state? I watched the tutorial episode on this site that talked about states and I know it's possible to add objects such as word balloons to a character's state. But I couldn't tell in the video if it's possible to add graphics not produced in Storyline.

If it's possible, how would I do it?

I'm also a Mac user with limited experience in Windows. But I will be running Windows 7 on my Mac so I can use Storyline. So I'm wondering: can I drag a graphic from the Desktop into Storyline or do I need to use Storlyine's menus?



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