Basic template functionality control customization

I have two pages, on first page which contains a single mp3 track as bgm and the next page has a video with narration, if i muted the mp3 audio on the first page using the native audio button on the template and proceeding to the next page the vidoe's narration also muted. how can i prevent or unmute the vidoe's audio on the second page seperately?

muting the first page audio is necessary thing.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Grurprasath!

Would you mind sharing your file here so I can take a closer look? Also, are you seeing this behavior after publishing or in Preview Mode? You'll want to make sure you've uploaded your published content to the intended environment and that you're testing it with a supported browser. Any details you can provide about how you're testing this file will be helpful so I can try and reproduce the behavior in the same environment.