beginning to Storyline2.

Aug 31, 2015


Since I can’t guess what the end result will be and I don’t understand English well in video tutorials ,

I kindly ask you to briefly reply my following questions nearby each of them, in order for me to feel keen and to do work around as much as possible with Storyline 2 during the trial period.

1- Are there any new variables other than those of Storyline1? If any, what are they used for?

2- Are there any new buttons and functions and what are their respective pull down menus? If any, what are they used for?

3- What are new tasks which can not be performed by Storyline1? ( I’m not talking about the same tasks which are time saving in Storyline2.)

Thank you,



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kaan,

1. If you're referring to variables in the traditional sense of the word in Storyline, there aren't any new ones added - but you can now use variables with such things like Sliders (new feature in Storyline 2). 

2. It's a few too many to outline here, but this chart compares Storyline 1 and Storyline 2. 

3. The same chart above will touch upon those. 


Hope that helps! 

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