Behavior of PREV and NEXT

Sep 06, 2013

This is a general design question. PREV and NEXT normally mean go to the previous or next slide in sequence.

If a course is designed with Topics and subtopics, is it acceptable to make PREV and NEXT behave as if the subtopics were layers?

(I'm doing this as a workaround to a problem with layers that I've already reported)

For example: ( I describe the use of NEXT/PREV where it is NOT a sequential jump)

Topic 1 (has hotspots to subtopics - these are slides) (NEXT assigned to jump to Topic 2)

       subtopic1 (PREV assigned to jump back to Topic 1)

       subtopic 2 (PREV also assigned to jump to Topic 1)

Topic 2 (PREV assigned to jump back to Topic 1)




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ejuana,

All of that would work - but, just as a note if you set it up that way, how will the user get to subtopic 2 from subtopic 1? (The next button as you said, will bring them to Topic 2) You'll want to think through all navigation scenarios, and you may want to look at disabling the Next button till your user has interacted with everything. 

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