Best Practices Documents on What trumps what - Layers, Triggers...


I am just creating my first storyline. I have watched all your initial videos and now begun to search community as I work through something 'simple'.

Do you have a document that outlines in compact form "what trumps what" in the way of triggers and layers?

I am wondering things like - why would I want a hotspot if I can make an object invisible for normal state?

When to use triggers in master view, slide view, layer views.....

Thanks in anticipation......


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Steve Flowers

A complicated question! The answer is "it depends" but there are some behavior indicators that help to answer more specifically. 

For example, in the case of a hotspot there are a few advantages over a hidden state. A hotspot gives you that "hotspot" look when you're in the authoring tool. That's helpful sometimes. You can also set a hotspot to not display the pointer cursor. When you want to clean up the display or not give away the click area, that's a handy feature. Myself, I usually use the hidden state for more flexibility.

There are a few articles at that go into other topics and a couple of great books on the subject. (shameless plug and disclaimer, this is one I cowrote) is one and the other is E-learning Uncovered: Articulate Storyline Both are great books by great authors:)

We made up this diagram for Storyline for Starters. It might be helpful in figuring out the way Storyline is put together.

Have fun!