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May 21, 2012

Does anyone know if it's it possible to have slide layers in a layout that can be modified in slide view?

For example, each of my slides has a video layer and a summary layer called by triggers.

The appearance of these layers is always the same, ie the video has a TV screen and the summary has a picture of a chalkboard.

What I want is to have a different video for each slide and a different summary for each slide.

I have  layers in my layouts and the layout is applied to the slides. The layers on the layout slide only seem to appear when i preview the slide with the triggers on the layout. (This is what i learnt from a previous post from Simon P)

Unfortunately I am having to add the video and summary layer to each slide in slide view and this is taking a long time and should be unecessary

Is this supposed to happen, and if so is there a workaround?

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Mark Vause

Found an excellent solution if anyone  needs this from David Fair.

You would use the feedback master for this scenario, not the slide master.

Go to View > Feedback Master.

Add a layout to the feedback master for the Video and another layout for the Summary. Design them the way you want them to look. Then close the master view. Now, each time you need to add a video or summary layer:

1) Create a new layer on any slide in your course.

2) With the new layer selected, go to Home > Layout, and select either your Video layout or your Summary layout.

All the formatting from the feedback master will be applied to your new layer, so all you'll need to do is insert the appropriate video or summary text.

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