Best Practices?

Jul 10, 2012

Hey everybody!

Wondering if any of the experts can help me out

I am looking at making a very long "course" in Storyline.  What are the best practices for doing this?  

Would it be better to break it up into multiple projects, or publish as one large project???

What are the max number of scenes/slides that should be used in a single published course?

Will a large published output decrease the user experience because of slow load times?

Thanks for any info that anybody can provide!  It is greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,


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Megan Sullivan

Hello All - This specific post is many years old, but I am curious what is still accurate within Storyline 360 and/or with Presenter?  I have a course that I am about to start designing that is currently a collection of ~30 PPT files with ~10-40 slides a piece - and in a perfect world they would be interactive and link between themselves much better then they do now. The slides are all text and images (no videos, yet), but I am initially concerned with the best practices for very heavy topics/courses like this.