Best way to create a check list?

Mar 06, 2013

I would like to create a check list where, depending on the items you check, will give you access to ONLY the slides associated with the individual checked boxes.

For example:

"Check the paperwork you have already completed"

I-9 Form

W-4 Form

Direct Deposit

Say that the user has already completed the I-9 form but not the W-4 form or direct deposit. Therefore, the following slides will include the 2 forms that the user has not completed, and give instructions on how to complete them.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to do this? Thanks and happy day!!!

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Ryan O'Connell

The way I might approach this is to use variables and conditions.  So, I would create a variable called vI-9, another called vW-4 and another called vDirectDeposit.  Then, I would ensure that the value TRUE is assigned to each one of those when the user selects the corresponding checkbox (and assign the value FALSE when a user deselects the checkbox).

Then, you can set a rule on your Next button.  So, on the slide with the checklist, you can create some rules against the Next button.  Here are the two rules you might use:

  1. Jump to slide WHEN user clicks Next ON CONDITION THAT is TRUE.
  2. Jump to slide WHEN user clicks Next ON CONDITION THAT is FALSE AND is TRUE.

You would need to create the rules depending on your slide structure, and you would need to create a similar set of rules at the end of the slide(s) for each of the three paperworks that users might check.

Troy Broas

Hi Mara!

Here's an example I created for you. There are a few ways this can be done (which is one of the cool things about Storyline), but in this example I used variables and triggers to change the states of buttons that will allow or deny access to the different forms. Here's a quick breakdown of what I did:

On Slide 1

  1. I created several variables, one to represent the state of each form and gave each one an initial value of False (Complete = True, Incomplete = False)
  2. I placed buttons on the slide (check boxes) for each of the forms
  3. I use a submit button to attach a trigger that captures the state of each check box, if a check  box state is "selected", then the corresponding variable for that check box is set to True, otherwise it remains False

On Slide 2

  1. I placed a button on the slide for each form (I-9, W-4 and Direct Deposit)
  2. I use a trigger (that executes when the timeline starts)  to check the value that is held in each variable that I created on slide 1 that holds the True/False value 
  3. If the variables contains True, meaning that the corresponding form is complete, I set the state of that form's button to disabled, this will prevent the user from accessing the form
  4. If the value for a variable is False, meaning that form is not complete, then the corresponding button is active and will allow the user to access the slide that contains the form

This is just a quick example, and as I mentioned earlier, there are multiple ways that this can be done, but this might give you at least a starting point for what you are trying to accomplish. Feel free to send me a message if you have questions! Attached is an example Storyfile that  you can deconstruct and a link to the published sample.

Good luck!

Published Example

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