Black screen flash opening a lightbox since last upgrade and background colour off

Hi there,

I am wondering if anyone is noticing a black screen flash when you open a lightbox since the last upgrade, or is there something I have done to cause the flash that I am not aware of?

I have attached the source file, it is the slide on "clinical responsibilities"  three buttons and each one will open a lightbox.  I find it also is not consistent.  The flash sometimes is only on the first lightbox. 

Just adding to this as same file.  I have a purple colour with 85% transparency.  On the first slide it happens with slide 2, it looks how I like.  But the others are the same and very dark, and I don't know why, it looks right in my source fileand in preview within storyline but not in Review it is really dark. 

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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Teresa!

Thanks for sharing your course, and I'm happy to investigate both issues!

Here is a quick video of my test and a recap of what I saw:

  1. Flash when opening a lightbox: I also see the flash on slide 'Clinical Personnel Responsibilities' in your published output and today's Storyline 360 update. This behavior matches an open issue we're looking into where lightbox slides flicker when launched. Using the Modern Player is the only workaround we know of at this point—since this affects the Classic Player—but I'll notify you of any changes!
  2. Color variation: I also see the background color shift in the published output, where the purple appears darker. Your settings look great, so I'm going to open a case with our Engineers for a closer look. Look out for their email soon, and I'll follow along!
Teresa Vanderpost

Hi Katie,  Thanks for the update, I just decided this morning to open a case about the colour variation as I had not seen any comments here yet,  so it is  - Your Articulate Case # 02181511.

thanks for letting me know about the player and flash, we prefer the classic over the modern based on how the menu can be set up on the left side and open and I will wait it out and hope the glitch gets corrected before I go live.

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Katie, looks like another bug with Classic Player (which I need to use) vs Modern.  But Gerald has reported it.  I noticed one other issue, if you take a look, I noticed my rectangles like the purple ones, I have no outline, but if you look on the left side of the player you can see what looks like a blue line.  Thoughts?