Blank/ Black Video & Next Button Triggers

Nov 13, 2018


I have mp4 video clips (all from the same source, edited by me) that I have imported in Storyline 360. While the first two turned out fine, the 3rd video was blank/black. I tried deleting it and reimporting but that didn't work. How can I fix it?

Also, the triggers on the next button do not work. Here are the trigger commands I used

Action : Jump to next slide

Slide : Next slide

When: User clicks

Object : Next Button


This is urgent so I would appreciate a quick response.





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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Manisha,

It sounds like you're working against a deadline, so let's get right to it!

Issue 1: Video is Blank --  It sounds like there's something going wrong with the video import process. I'd like to take a look at the video file and your Storyline file to do some testing.

Issue 2: Next Button Doesn't Work -- The trigger you set up on the Next button looks correct, so there could be something else preventing the Next button from triggering the next slide.

Could you send me your MP4 video file and your unpublished Storyline file so I can take a closer look? If you'd rather keep it private, send it here. Also, be sure to let me know what version of Storyline you're using so I can test in the same version.

Daniel King

Hi Alyssa

Thanks for the quick response. I am not quite sure if I can share the video but I do see your point on the import process. I am working on re doing that and will keep you posted. Regarding the Next button if the triggers look perfect what else can possible be wrong? I feel its something very simple that I am overlooking. As I have inserted Next buttons earlier too and it worked fine. Last question, where can  find information on my storyline version.

Thanks again and I hope you can guide me to fix these next buttons

Daniel King

Hi Alyssa,

Just wanted to update you that the Next button is now working. I realized I was only clicking Preview for the current slide and not the entire project. Lesson learnt :)

About the video, I see a problem only in one screen. So I can see a black screen. only when we hit play the video starts. I wonder how I can get rid of it. I am sorry I can't share the video as I am not permitted to. Happy to talk over the phone of that helps.


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