Blank space of input text field in Ipad

Jul 11, 2016

Hi All,

I have created an interactivity of login screen in Storyline 2. I have provided instructions to the users to insert username and password. Also, share the strings onscreen, which they need to insert as username and password. When user insert the correct details and click login button, they move to the next screen. If they insert wrong details a popup appears to let them know about the incorrect details.

Now, the issue is when I run this on desktop, it is working fine. But, when I run it on Ipad and insert some blank spaces after username or password and click login button, it accept the blank spaces and move to the next screen, whereas it should show the popup because user inserted username + some blank spaces, which is incorrect.

Please confirm if this is the known issue on Ipad or I am missing something. Please note that I am publishing course with 'update 9 of Storyline 2'.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nitesh,

I don't see any similar reports of this issue - so we'd want to know a bit more about your file set up and where you're viewing the output. Are you testing in the mobile player or the HTML5 output on Mobile Safari? What iOS are you running on the iPad?

Do you have an example file you could share here with us by uploading using the "add attachment" button? 

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