Video prompting for password on iPad

Jun 05, 2015


I have a lesson with embedded video that works fine when run on a pc.  However, on the iPad, it prompts for a username/password!  The lesson is on our server which requires a login, but normally you just log in once, when launching the lesson.  Some details:

  • NOT using mobile player, and it's not an option for us.
  • they are all MP4 videos inserted using Insert > Video from File
  • this is in issue on mobile Safari.  The video is not working at all on mobile Chrome, and I seem to remember that Safari is the preferred mobile browser, though I can't find that post right now.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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Terry Bell

They are still investigating - but the issue does seem to be with our setup, and not exactly related to Storyline.  The lesson, which is on our, wants to refer to the video as (no 'www'), and this prompts the website to ask for credentials again.  Hopefully they can sort it out, but I am curious why this happens when I've inserted the video - I would expect it to use a relative URL.  (it's not like I'm linking to youtube or something)

If they are not able to fix it, I will let you know.  Thanks for your responses.  :)

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