HTML 5/Ipad video file restrictions?

Mar 29, 2013

Does anyone know if there are video file restrictions in an Articulate file, if the content is played on the IPAD? Specifically, is there a maximum number of videos that can be played successfully? We have an Articulate lesson with 4 videos--1 video per slide. When testing in mobile Safari, the video playbars do not work after we play the videos several times (videos cannot be paused).

What have been your experience. Of course, the lesson works as expected in Articulate's mobile player butwe can't use it.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Renee,

There are no official limits to the amount of videos you can have in your courses. It doesn't sound like you have an excessive amount in your course, either. Are the videos really large?

Also, it sounds like the videos are playing, but after revisiting them or re-watching them a number of times, you're running into trouble with the video controls, correct? Does this only seem to happen if you watch the same video more than once, when viewing a slide, or if you proceed to the next slide and return to the previous slide?

Does the playbar disappear, or just stop functioning? 

renee barnes

The videos are not really large.

The videos are playing but after revisiting them (viewing a slide, going to a next slide and returning to the previous slide several times), then the playbar for any of the videos do not work as intended (the pause button does not work).  IN addition, if the videos are set to start automatically, we cannot, we are forced to click play to start. But then, the pause button does not work.

We are perplexed.

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