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Jul 11, 2015

Hello guys
I would like to know if I can block the "next" button only after writing "the name" in the text box .... is this possible?

(ESCREVA SEU NOME AQUI means "Write your name here")

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Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Marcos,

of course you can "disable" the next button by checking if the learner has entered his name...

If the learner did not enter his/her name you could display a hint like "please enter your Name before continueing). It is a condition for the next slide trigger.

You need 2 triggers for your next button. One Trigger will goto the next slide, when the text-variable (for the text box) is not equal to "blank" / "en blanco" (just leave the value compare field empty for that trigger). The secound trigger will display a hint message when the text-variable is equal to "blank" / "en blanco".


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En la condition: text-variable != No es equivalente a



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