blurry graphics - Is there a work around I haven't found yet?

I need to place a spreadsheet into storyline, but no matter what format I use, (embedding from  google docs, *.JPG, *.png) it is very very blurry. I have followed every post regarding the issue I can find.   I have also tried a range of different fonts, converting the spreadsheet to an image file, converting a pdf to an image, screen shots, recording the screen but none of them are successful as the spreadsheet cannot be viewed easily due to the blur. 
Is there a workaround I haven't found yet?  

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Ian Tecson

Hi Robyn, 

I think, first and foremost, is that you will need to capture a high-resolution screenshot of your spreadsheet and convert it to PNG. General rule is: JPEG will degrade image quality but less disk space requirement. PNG, on the other hand, is a lossless image format, and so will typically result in larger file sizes.

Checkout the steps here on how to capture high resolution images from your computer then try to adjust the image properties to your preference, then save and use it into your storyline. 

Hope this helps.